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ADW.Launcher ADW.Launcher replaces the existing Android drawer.  The drawer is the icon at the bottom of the screen you click to see all your apps.  ADW.Launcher is a great piece of software.  There are tons of options and rarely a bug.  It’s wildly popular in the Android community, especially among developers. It allows you to […]

Facebook Facebook’s Android app does exactly what you expect.  You can browser your Facebook friend feed and also post your status as well as check email.  The app’s biggest asset isn’t even the actual app, it’s the Android integration that comes along with it.  For example, after taking a picture, you can ‘share’ it right to […]

ColorNote ColorNote stands above over note taking applications due to it’s checklist functionality and ease of use.  For example, in doing some heavy house renovations, I created several notes and placed them on a separate home screen.  This gave me easy access to the lists from the home page.  At the beginning of each day I […]

Dialer One Dialer One is another app that should be included with Android.  Dialer One replaces the simple phone dialer that ships with Android with one that can perform T9 searches on your phonebook.  Even many basic non-smartphones provide this functionality, so I’m not sure why Google omitted it.  Many phone manufacturers (HTC, Samsung and […]

Quick Settings Quick Settings put all the mostly used settings in one place for easy access instead of having to dig through the settings menu.  I use it almost everyday, especially to adjust the screen brightness or turn on WiFi.  It even has a flashlight app, which I have yet to use.  It is highly […]

Barcode Scanner Barcode Scanner should ship with Android.  It allows your device to scan most barcodes.  Many applications actually rely on this software, for example, Key Ring.  Barcodes?  Who cares?  I thought that at first too.  What makes Barcode Scanner so useful is the proliferation of QR Codes, which are fancy square barcodes that allow […]

I’ve been running Android on my Roger’s Magic for several months.  As time passes, I have collected a selection of app that I use often and highly recommend to others.  I’ve included the QR code (keep reading if that means nothing to you), the AndroLib web site and sometimes a review.  Without further delay: Recommended […]

http://picasa.google.com/index.html Version 2.0 I searched long and hard for a good photo manager to manage our growing digital collection. I looked at Phoa, but due stability problems, I stopped using it. There were several commercial products, but I have been burned too many times paying for a product that soon becomes obsolete or often the product […]

http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/ Version 1.2.1 HotKeys doesn’t really do much, and there are probably other programs that do the same thing. What sets HotKeys apart from the pack is the interface and the use of the Caps Lock key (and a few built in functions). HotKeys allows you to set hot key combinations with the windows keys, […]

Version 1.07.21 http://www.donationcoder.com/Software/Mouser/findrun/ Find and Run Robot allows you to run applications quickly by using a handful of keystrokes. I find it useful instead of using the Quicklaunch bar included with windows. It does require you know the name of the application you wish to run. The Find and Run Robot sits in your icon […]