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October 22, 2015

Rome Tennis Ladder

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To enhance competitive playing opportunities, we are starting a free tennis ladder. Here are the basic rules:

  • Point based system:
    • If winning team is ranked below or tied, they get losing teams points plus 15
    • If winning team is ranked above, they receive 15 points
    • Losing team receives point for each game won in the first two sets.
    • Forfeiting team gets no points, other team receives 13.
    • Either team can cancel match up to 2 hours beforehand or based on CVTA weather rules, otherwise the opposing team can take a forfeit.
    • All teams start with zero points.
  • Standings will be published on website.
  • Initially, scores will be sent to me, but eventually entered in a website.
    • It’s critical that scores be sent immediately, as this could affect standings and the amount of points won.
  • Will only be open men’s and ladies division, but may split up based on NTRP ratings depending on participation.
  • Flex scheduling
  • A team consists of you and your partner.
  • You can play as many matches as you want, but can’t schedule more than one at a time since the ladder ranking may change between matches.
  • Third set tiebreaker in lieu of full set, unless both parties agree to a full set.

Interested in playing?  Send me an email with you and your partners name, NTRP ratings, email and phone number.

If you want to challenge another team:

  • You must be within 5 ranking positions of the opposing team at the time of the challenge.  You may have multiple challenges scheduled at once.
  • You can’t have played them in the last 2 weeks.  The other team may accept a challenge earlier, but are under no obligation to accept.
  • Challenged team must provide new can of balls (winner keeps balls)
  • If declined, you can try challenging same opponents again in a week or pick another team.

We’ve been challenged:

  • Must always accept first challenge received (unless rejecting all challenges).
  • You must provide the can of balls (winner keeps balls)
  • Inform your opponent of your home court and schedule a time.
  • If you are no longer playing in the ladder, let challengers and me know.  We will flag you as inactive.
  • Can decline matches for any reason, but you must decline for all challenges (i.e. injured or out of town).  You can’t pick and choose who you play.  Remember, the more you play, the more points you get, so not playing will drop you in the ladder.
  • You can also decline if you have played the challenger in the last 2 weeks or already have another match scheduled.

Remember, USTA and CVTA leagues take precedence on all courts. There are no fees to participate and you can play on any courts in Rome or neighboring communities.  Challengers should let the defending players pick location, unless there are fees.  Both parties must agree on courts with fees.  Since this is not a league and no league fees are collected, you must pay to play downtown at the RTC.

One last note: All of these rules are subject to change to ensure congenial and competitive matches.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can we challenge teams below us?

A: Yes, but it will be counted as any other match, i.e., you can only win a maximum number of 15 points and will drop in the rankings if you lose.  You can only challenge 5 positions below you.

Q: Can I be on multiple teams?

A: Yes, but for practicality, we are limiting it to two active teams at a time.

Q: What if I am busy with league matches, and can’t play a ladder match this week.

A: The ladder has no requirement that you play every week.  If you are too busy with league matches or other activities, just decline all challenges until you are available.

Q: What if the ladder is unbalanced with high rated players playing against low rated ones?

A: Once the ladder is in full swing, you’ll be playing against people of similar ability, even though higher or lower rated players are participating.  Eventually, with enough participation, we may split the ladder by NTRP rating.

Q: I’m a lady.  Can I play in the men’s ladder?

A: Yes, but men cannot play in the women’s ladder.

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