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December 2, 2007

Marketing Freeware

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In the old days (7-8 years ago in the computer age), any hobbyiest programmer could submit software to zdnetTucowsnonags or any other numerous software sites. In fact, zdnet would even review your software free of charge. It was a convienent service for both those looking for quality software and those creating it.

Let’s fast forward to 2007. As I release Nutrition Facts to various freeware web sites, I’ve realized the landscape has changed significantly. There is a glut of freeware, adware, shareware available. I imagine this has put a strain on many of the freeware sites and even worse, it decreases the chance your software will be found.

Nonags said it could take up to several months before getting listed, Tucows an amazing 915 days. Tucows will miraculously be able to list your software if you pay them:

I opted to wait the 915 days. I suppose I need them more than they need me, but I simply don’t make money off Nutrition Facts, so why would I spend money to list it?

You may think the consumer get’s the short stick and you are right, they do, but Tucows will be the one suffering in the end. By reducing their freeware listings they are making themselves less significant. In fact, I rarely use  Tucows and I finally realized why. Everytime I search, I find mostly shareware, adware or sommecial software. It’s simply not the place to go for freeware. Their listings are also incomplete. Other sites, such as nonags, list many more applications. Tucows has hurt their own business.

Some very good freeware will never see the light of day as long as Tucows and others charge for listing, but this may be an opportunity for someone to create a freeware website that can handle the large influx of freeware, free of charge

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