Swiper, No Swiping!

On a current project, I attempted to use swipe gestures on a webpage.  This turned out more difficult than I expected.  Javascript isn’t my forte, so I looked for something prepackaged.  Here is what I found and the problems with each.

jQueryMobile was the first contender.  I love jQuery, even if there appears to be a move away from it, so this seem like a natural fit.

jQueryMobile has a numerous swipe events you can hook into, such as swipeleft.

$( "div.box" ).on( "swipeleft", swipeleftHandler );

This looked great! It worked great! I did have to add some extra css, as the swipe would cause text to be selected. One problem, there was no swiping up or down. Several people have written code to perform that on top of jQueryMobile, but now I’m dependent on numerous jQueryMobile files (css and js) and someone else’s code.

I moved on to TouchSwipe, which looked great as well. It performed

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